Karin Dirty White Ahared Paper 70x100 cm (62FAK701004)

Brand : Karin
Price : $5.83(Vat included)

Dirty White
Ahared Paper
70x100 cm


Artır Azalt
What is Ahared Paper 
In order to make the paper durable and easily writable a mixage is  plastered on the paper. This mixage is "Ahar", and the paper plastered with it is called as "ahared paper." The reasons of making this are:
1.   To supply brightness and writable surface after starch ahar for the raw and and porous paper. 
2. To obstruct the paper's being much absorber by filling its pores.
3. To obstruct the gold absorbance of the paper as much as possible.
4. To make erasure doing easy. (erasures do not appear, usable for correcting the faults) 
5.To supply the brush moving easily.