Clairefontaine Etival Classic A5 300 Gr Üstten Spiralli 30 Yaprak (68D3329680936179)

Price : $5.83(Vat included)

Format dimensions: A5
Weight: 300
Inner material: Paper
Number of pages: 30
Size: 14,8X21CM
Cover type: Carte vernie
Product type: Graphic art & drawing


Artır Azalt
Traditionnally fine-arts papers were produced exclusively with cotton, which guaranteed the best stability in time. But the present techniques have really improved the wood-cellulose papers, giving them the same quality of preservation. However, cotton fibers are hollow, so they have got a better capacity of absorption of water particularly interesting in watercolour. This paper facilitates retouching, has outstanding light reproduction and retains colour transparency. The grain has been designed to stay in the background.