Karin Calligraphy Beginners Kit - 2 (6216004097)

Brand : Karin
Price : $21.67(Vat included)

Arabic Calligraphy Beginning Set 4

-The Thuluth & Naskh Mashqs of Mehmed Şevki Efendi by Mehmed Shawqi

-100 Glossy papers

Lika (silk) inkwell

-Karin Soot Ink

-2 Reed pens

-1 Calligraphy Knife

-1 Krin Rabbit Leather Hand Pad

-1Wooden Pen Box (Patterned)


Artır Azalt
We collected the art materials needed for the beginning of Arabic Calligraphy  for you. We made different sets in different prices. You can choose however you want.