Karin Marbling Paint 105 ml 301 Pigment Red

Karin Marbling Paint 105 ml 301 Pigment Red (61301105)

Brand : Karin
Price : $4.00(Vat included)

Physical Characteristics:

Suitable for marbling art.

It has a dense consistency.

It should be used by diluting with water.

Paint with edema and water can be adjusted to the desired intensity.

It is available as 105 ml in a plastic bottle.

It has a vibrant, bright and permanent color.

It does not cause yellowing or deterioration.


Specific Characteristics:

It is made of high quality pigments.

It has high light resistance.

Different dyes can be mixed and evenly distributed in each other.

It can be applied on paper and wooden surfaces.


Artır Azalt


Marbling Paint is a water-based paint. Using natural and high pigmentation paint in marbling art is very important in terms of the quality of the art work to be produced. In traditional marbling, natural dyes obtained from rocks and soil called earth colors are used. The vitality and permanence of marbling paint makes marbling patterns look bright and stylish on paper. Karin Sanat keeps marbling materials at a high level and standard quality with its deep knowledge and experience in the field of marbling art. Karin marbling paints are offered to you, valuable traditional Turkish art regulars, with many different color options.