Karin Ox Gall (Odorless) 90 Ml

Karin Ox Gall (Odorless) 90 Ml (6118003090)

Brand : Karin
Price : $3.33(Vat included)

Physical Characteristics:

Suitable for Ebru Art.

It is 90 ml.

It is in a glass jar.

It is yellow in color.



Specific Characteristics:



Artır Azalt

Ox Gall 90 ml (Odorless): It is one of the most important material used in marbling art. It allows the dyes to stay on water without sinking It also prevents the dyes from mixing with each other and gives the dyes stickiness. It can be used by putting it in paint or pouring directly into water. The more gall in the paint, the more the paint opens on water and expands. Therefore, the size of the pattern can be adjusted according to the amount of gall used. It is produced by removing its odor. Ox Gall should be stored in a cool place.