Schmincke Akademi Acrylic Ink 50 Ml Lamp Black

Schmincke Akademi Acrylic Ink 50 Ml Lamp Black (23771024)

Brand : Schmincke
Price : $8.46(Vat included)

Schmincke Akademi Akrilik Mürekkep 50 ml 771 Lamp Black

AKADEMIE ® Acrylic color Ink - the liquid form of AKADEMIE ® Acrylic color

The popular AKADEMIE ® acrylic color paints from Schmincke are now also available in liquid form, as "Ink" (pigmented acrylic ink) for painting and also for writing with our Liners No. 2-6 (except gold and silver).

  • 36 cadmium-free shades in a break-resistant 50 ml pipette plastic bottle
  • Identical pigmentation , coloristics and numbering like AKADEMIE ® Acrylic color, optimal compatibility
  • Shake before use - easily shaken through a glass ball
  • Dries waterproof
  • Application with brush, pipette, drawing pen, liner and airbrush (sprayable from 0.3 mm nozzle)


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