Karin Sanat

karinsanat.com, which started its operations in May 2012 operates within the structure of Esefoğlu LTD, which has been one of the pioneers in Turkey in the field of Traditional Turkish Art Materials.

karinsanat.com in which Restoration, Gold Leaf, Painting and Hobby Materials are sold in addition to materials of traditional arts such as Calligraphy, Water Marbling, Ornamentation, Miniature etc., has kept the inventories of the products that it imports or produces directly since the first date when it was founded and has aimed to provide 'Trouble Free Product Supply and Fast Delivery Guarantee' for its customers.

Esefoğlu LTD, established in 1999 started to provide service in the field of Gold Leaf and Auxiliary Materials and started production of Water Marbling and Calligraphy Materials in 2015 with the brand name Karin.

Esefoğlu LTD continues to be the Distributor for Turkey for world brands such as da Vinci, Schmincke, Karin, Awagami.

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