Calligraphy Equipments   Calligraphy art is called as “Hat” in Islamic communities. Calligraphy is known as Latin Calligraphy too. Proportional letter sizes, geometric symmetry, equal space of the letters like technical details are very important rules to make an aesthetic calligraphy. Karin Sanat internet shopping site presents calligraphy equipment like calligraphy kits, nibs, inks, nib holders, markers, papers and notebooks in different sizes and types, and Schmincke inks which has become irreplaceable. Schmincke Aerocolor  presents lots of color choice suitable for calligraphy.   Calligraphy art is usually made by calligraphy pens which are especially produced for this art. In our calligraphy pens part of the online shop you can find a lot of types and trademarks like Artline Ergoline,ZIG, Edding etc. Also Brause Bandzug nib pens or other mark nibs are a choice for many calligraphy artists. The best and the most beautiful style calligraphy letters can be created by these pens or nibs. If you are using nibs, the preference of the calligraphy ink can take your art work to the upper levels. Schmincke Aero Color which is preferred a lot on this way is a very quality product which has a large variety of colors. Otherwise, J. Herbin inks are quality and preferred products as calligraphy inks. Calligraphy writing is an artwork even in their pure and simple styles. When a good calligraphy artwork is framed properly, it turns into an art material to garnish the walls of the houses. It will be good for calligraphy beginners to see the calligraphy alphabets for their learning.   One of the most important thing of the calligraphy is Calligraphy paper. A good calligraphy paper holds the ink well on it and does not absorb it. It is possible to write on the plastic or ceramic plates in Calligraphy. Because Calligraphy is an ornament art, some other art works can be ornamented by calligraphy works. Karin Calligraphy Start Kits are ideal sets for art lovers who wonders how calligraphy letters are written and wants to begin this art. You can immediately start this artwork by having Calligraphy books from Calligraphy books page of Karin Sanat online shop. In these books you can find everything about this art like sample calligraphy letters and alphabet, and calligraphy artworks.  
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