Marbling Equipment 

Do you want to start a new hobby in which you will easily paint the papers, glasses, books, fabrics, and woods. Marbling art will affect your sense of aesthetics, and take you on excursion in the magical world of the colors. Marbling art is called as ebru, ab, ebre, and ebri too. Karin Art is the most important address for art-lovers, who want to begin marbling art. Which kind of marbling do you want to start? Do you want to try hatip, battal, bloomy, rose, tulip, clove, violet, tarz-ı kadim,ground,flux and reflux, having a comb, shawl, porphry, nefli, nightingale's nest, akkase? Or do you want modern styles like painting art with marbling or gunpowder marbling? Our address will help you to get all the equipments for those styles. You can use Karin Art's online store to buy carrageenan, thickener, needle set, rose sticks, horse hair brush, marbling trays, chomb, hyacinth, bouquet and spatula economically. Marbling studies result better with better paint and quality tools. Karin traditional marbling paints and easy marbling paints are produced with high level quality pigments. 

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