Equipments of Gilding and Restoration


Esefoğlu Company with the brand of Karin entered the art material world with a pioneering role at the trade of gilding. The gilding tools which did not exist commonly and were hard for artists to find has been presented to Turkish market by Esefoğlu with its experience for 16 years. Through its experience and progress, Karin art online market is the first address to buy gilding tools. If you are interested in illumination, or work on restoration, or make furniture gilding and powder gold, and want to buy the materials for these works on the internet, you can find all of these materials in Karin Sanat.  You can polish your gilding ornaments by different shellac preferences or durable types of varnish. In Karin Sanat you can find all of the needed materials like rabbit skin glue, imitation gold leaves, watergilding synthetic size (milk mixtion) and some oil mixtion size for 3 hours or 12 hours, gilders' knife, gilders' cushion, burnisher, primers and gilders' clay (bole, premixed ready to use gilders' clay, dry cones gilders' clay), milk glues,  etc…
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