Artdeco Marbling Paint 30 Ml 05 Red

Artdeco Marbling Paint 30 Ml 05 Red (68D8698517918585)

Brand : Artdeco
Price : $2.42(Vat included)

Artdeco Marbling Paint 30 ml 05 Red
Ready paints for marbling 
Good consistence and lively colors 
Variety of color 
Possible to create any pattern you want 
You can use the paint in any amount by droppers or drawing needles  
30 ml


Artır Azalt
Marbling paint is water-based. Using natural and high-pigment paint is very important for the quality of the artwork in marbling art. In traditional marbling, some paints, which are taken from some rocks and soil naturally, are used . They are called as "soil paints". Vivid and permanence of the marbling paint supplies marbling designs to be seen bright and brilliant.