Instructing Patterns and Illumination (5611013097)

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Instructing Patterns and Illumination
by Hosain-Ali Machiani 


Publisher: Yassavoli Publications
Language : Persian & English
Size : 22.5 x 21.5 cm
Page Count : 160
Volume Type : Paperback
Paper Type : Glossy Paper
ISBN : 9789643061951


Artır Azalt
Derived from the arabic Word “zahab” meaning “gold”, Tazhib  (illumination)is the ancient art of creating beautiful patterns of intertwined, whirling vegetal or geometrical shapes, drawn with sharp and soft swirls, harmonious spirals and fluent lines. At the early Islamic period, the major and dominant color to paint these designs was gold, and this is why they called it Tazhib. Other colors like azure, and later, blue, vermilion, green, and turquoise have also been used along with gold.