Khadi Nepal Tsasho Paper 90 Gsm 54X80Cm

Khadi Nepal Tsasho Paper 90 Gsm 54X80Cm (62KHTSN)

Brand : Khadi
Price : $6.17(Vat included)

  • Tsasho paper made in Nepal.
  • The paper is made from the fiber of the inner shell or the lock shell. Lokta has a darker tone and a harder surface than mythumata. It is a natural plant of the Himalayan skirts over 3000 meters.
  • It can be used in drawing, Arabic calligraphy, calligraphy, printing and bookbinding.


Artır Azalt
Handmade paper in Nepal is an art of 2000 years. The laurel bush used in the construction of this paper grows at altitudes between 1800 meters and 3000 meters. The papers made with this laurel bush (lokta) have gained fame all over the world.