Koh-i Noor Wax Aquarell pencil set 12 Pieces 8282 (57B8593539129028)

Brand : Koh-i Noor
Price : $49.96(Vat included)

Set of 12 coloured pencils WAX AQUARELL includes a brush and sharpener.

These pencils belong to our high quality products with excellent drawing properties.

Their advantage is the possibility to be blended by a brush or used as watercolour paint.

It is not recommended to leave these pencils in the vicinity of heat producing machines, because the lead may soften thanks to higher temperatures.

Pencils are suitable for artistic and hobby drawing and painting.


Artır Azalt
package:12 in SET
weight (kg):0.3360
depth (mm):23
width (mm):188
height (mm):197