Schmincke Mediums 603 Aero Tex Textile Medium 28 ml

Schmincke Mediums 603 Aero Tex Textile Medium 28 ml (50603023)

Brand : Schmincke
Price : $10.58(Vat included)

 Polyurethane dispersion.
basic information:
 Medium for AERO COLOR® Professional for mixing a textile airbrush colour.
 Improves the adhesion properties on fabrics
 light-resistant and non-aging.


Artır Azalt
Shake well before use.
AERO TEX is ready to use.
Should be mixed with AERO COLOR® Professional in a ration of 1:1.
Wash, dry and iron the material beforehand.
Spray application wet.
After finishing the design let it dry out. Iron the reverse side (cotton about 2 min.; silk / wool about 4 – 6 min.; synthetics about 8 min.; temperature should be adapted to the fabric!).
Washable at 30 °C; do not dry clean.
The product can be diluted with water, but dries up to a water-insoluble film.
Please clean tools as soon as possible with water and/or AERO CLEAN RAPID 50606.
Best results are achieved with spray application at processing temperatures between 15 and 30 °C, 2 bar air pressure and a nozzle size of > 0,15 mm for coloured shades and 0,3 mm for effect colours.
Please don´t use the product below temperatures under 10 °C object- and room-temperatures.
Close immediately after use.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Protect from frost.
Individual pre-tests are required. 
Sizes: 28 ml
Contains: polyurethane dispersion.