Cadence Akrilik Boya 500Ml H-001 Beyaz

Cadence Akrilik Boya 500Ml H-001 Beyaz (95CD8699036742545)

Brand : Cadence
Price : $8.67(Vat included)

Cadence Hybrid Multisurface Akrilik Boya 500 ml H001 Beyaz


Acrylic Paint for all surfaces 

Can be used inside or outside 

Does not need lining and sandpapering 

Must be used by diluting on leather or fabric 

Very fluid and durable 

Must be waited for 12 hours if it is on glass

Does not contain any harmful substance

Suitable for CE and EN71 norms


Artır Azalt
  • It is a new generation water-based acrylic paint which can be used on every kind of surfaces and formulated for craft sector. 
  • Wooden, glass, ceramic, porcelain, fabric, leather, plastic, metal, wall, polystyrene and paper like all surfaces can be bepainted so well.