Karin Marbling Paint 105 Ml 307 Scarlet Red

Karin Marbling Paint 105 Ml 307 Scarlet Red (61307105)

Brand : Karin
Price : $5.74(Vat included)

Karin Marbling Colors are in paste consistency and should be deluted with water. In order to make fine tunning of color and its enlargment on the water surface add oxgall sparingly into the dilution.
After using the colors you should close the jar cap tighly so that the colors do not get dry. Even dried colors could be reused when add water.
High quality pigments.
Equal mixture of the paints when they are mixed 
No decomposition or discoloration
Vivid, lively and permanent colors
105 ml in plastic bottle  
Can be used on papers or wooden surfaces


Artır Azalt

Marbling paint is water-based. Using natural and high-pigment paint is very important for the quality of the artwork in marbling art. In traditional marbling, some paints, which are taken from some rocks and soil naturally, are used . They are called as "soil paints". Vivid and permanence of the marbling paint supplies marbling designs to be seen bright and brilliant. Karin Art keeps the quality of the marbling equipments high by the experience and vast knowledge of them at marbling art. Karin  marbling paints are presented with a lot of choices of colors for you.

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