Schmincke Medium 545 Crackling Paste 60 ml

Schmincke Medium 545 Crackling Paste 60 ml (50545011)

Brand : Schmincke
Price : $10.58(Vat included)

product name:
 crackling paste
 pure acrylate dispersion, fillers, additives, water
basic information:
 acrylic paste with high solid content to produce crackles
 for structuring, modelling compositions on grease-free, stable, preferential rigid grounds e.g. primed
wood or painting boards
 sufficient adhesion to the ground must be guaranteed to avoid separation from the ground while
drying (high material tensions)
 develops high surface tension while drying
 produces crackles reaching to the ground (ground can be visible in the crackles)
 form of crackles depend on the coat thickness, the ground and the manner of drying
 white and opaque
 fine/even and matt surface
 highly absorbent


Artır Azalt
The product is ready to use and will be applied pure or dyed with acrylic colour (with max. 30%) on a grease-free ground with pallet knife. The paste has brightening effect.
Drying process and crackles depend on the layer thickness and the amount of added acrylic colour. Best results are achieved at 18-25°C and drying time of some hours. Drying under higher temperature has a high influence on the crackling results.
Delicate grounds can be primed with gesso 50518.
Clean working equipment with water or water and soap. Dried residues can be removed with the brush cleaner 50051 or eco brush cleaner 50052.
Product can be painted over with acrylic colours and the crackles can be dyed (keep surface absorbency in mind). The absorbency can be reduced by using the following Schmincke products: size/pre-primer 50510, size/primer 50511 or acrylic painting medium 50550.
Please don´t use the product below temperatures under 12°C object- and room-temperature.
Close immediately after use.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Protect from frost.
Individual pre-tests are required.
Sizes: 300 ml
Contains: pure acrylate dispersion, fillers, additives, water