Schmincke Medium 587 Acrylic Lacquer Saten Akrilik Vernik 250 ml

Schmincke Medium 587 Acrylic Lacquer Saten Akrilik Vernik 250 ml (50587027)

Brand : Schmincke
Price : $19.92(Vat included)

product name:
 Acrylic lacquer, satin glossy.
 Pure acrylic resin- and polyurethane dispersion, water, additives, matting agents.
basic information:
 Final lacquer for paintings in acrylic; also suitable for outdoor areas.
 Clear, colourless, satin-glossy
 dilutable with water
 forms a water-insoluble and weather-resistant film
 non-yellowing, age-resistant.


Artır Azalt
Shake well before use.
The product is ready to use, but can be diluted with water if necessary.
May only be applied to the layer of acrylic paint after it has dried completely at room temperature with a suitable varnish brush or lacquer roller. This can normally be done after 72 hours with thinly applied acrylic colours; for those applied with a more paste-like consistency, it is better to wait one or two weeks before applying lacquer.
The product can be diluted with water, but dries up to a water-insoluble film.
Please clean tools like brushes or lacquer rollers as soon as possible with water or water and soap.
Please don´t use the product below temperatures under 10 °C object- and room-temperatures.
Acrylic lacquer, satin glossy must be allowed to dry for least 3 days prior to exposure to weather!
The lacquer coats normally used in practice give no special UV protection to the paints used! For this reason, we recommend that you use high-quality and lightfast paints from the outset as far as possible.
Close immediately after use.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Protect from frost
Individual pre-tests are requiredn.
Sizes: 60 ml
Contains:  pure acrylic resin- and polyurethane dispersion, additives, water, matting agent.