Schmincke Medium 303 Liquid Frisket Renkli Maskeleme Sıvısı 100 ml

Schmincke Medium 303 Liquid Frisket Renkli Maskeleme Sıvısı 100 ml (50303055)

Marka : Schmincke
Fiyat : $16.58(KDV Dahil)

 product name:
• liquid frisket, coloured.
• Synthetic resin dispersion without ammonia.
basic information:
• Masking fluid to be used on relatively smooth, non-greasy and dry supports like, for example,
smooth illustration boar and similar painting supports to cover up the parts of a picture that are not
to be painted over.
• Colourless or blue tinted
• transparent
• without ammonia
• odourless. 


Artır Azalt
• Shake well before use.
• Liquid frisket, colourless / liquid frisket, coloured is ready to use and can apply using a cotton bud, a
chopstick, nib or a quill. (Don´t use expensive brushes!)
• The product is dilutable with water, but dries very quickly into a rubbery-type transparent film that
does not dissolve in water. (With water diluted product may be penetrate deeper into the ground and
it is possible that product will be worse removed!)
• Please clean tools as soon as possible with water or water and soap.
• Close the top tightly as soon as possible after use.
• After the masking fluid is completely dry, the masked picture areas can be painted over using watercolours, gouache colours or AERO COLOR®
 Professional. (The drying process takes between a few
minutes and more than an hour depending on the thickness of the coat!)
• After this coat of paint has dried properly too, the dried rubbery-type film of the masking fluid can be
removed by careful rubbing with a dry and non-greasy finger (please do not pull off!).
• The masking film should not be left on the support for longer than two days and must be completely
removed; otherwise there is a risk of yellowing of the support!
• Very soft, weakly grounded textured paper types like e.g. rag paper or torchon paper are not suitable
for masking techniques.
• Close immediately after use.
• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Protect from frost.
• Individual pre-tests are required (see footer). 
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